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Sunday, September 5, 2010

President Barrack Obama's Labor Day Message To America

What would we do without good management?
Just prior to the start of this Labor Day weekend, President Barrack Obama released the following video from The White House. It is addressed to all Americans, but is aimed squarely at the currently upset and disenfranchised American Middle Class. His speech is clearly well-written and touches upon several important Middle Class themes. It absolutely drips with humanitarian sincerity at our ongoing economic plight and it even mentions our declining standards of living over the past ten years. Watch this carefully crafted and eloquently scripted video, yourself....

President Barrack H. Obama's Labor Day Address from the White House: a bunch of empty words.

You really have to hand it President Barrack H. Obama. His unwavering "Feel Good About America" messages, which he continues to air - while doing the very same things he so frequently rails against - are at least one constant, in this mixed up world, upon which we can consistently rely. While many of us can [honestly] tell when Obama is lying - after all, his lips are usually moving - others of us can't seem to realistically grasp such soft spoken subtleties. Ergo, I shall assist you as far as I can....

Barrack's references to: "The Middle Class continually being given the short end of the stick" are entirely meaningless, insincere, and simply being done to recover a little in his current poll numbers. How do I know this? It's easy.... There are three things carefully left out of this speech and his continual political actions!

  1. Barrack Obama refuses to address America's true problems of over taxation upon America's Middle Class through: Income Taxes, Sales Taxes, Property Taxes, and Corporate Taxes [being passed entirely through to their inevitable Middle Class Consumers]. 
  2. Barrack Obama mentions a decade long decline in our inflationary adjusted Standard Of Living - while completely ignoring the previous three decades of steady decline, which was even more damaging to the American Middle Class. Of course, some of those presidents and congressmen were also Democrats.
  3. Barrack Obama continues to speak and act, as if this is just another mild economic downturn, when it doesn't resemble any other historical records for a recession - extremely deep, or otherwise... and when our entire nation is honestly being imperiled.

The Real American Truth is that everything in America costs ten times what it did in the early 1970's - while our wages and benefits have steadily disappeared - thanks to Monetary Inflation and the actions of our Congress and The Federal Reserve. Some blatantly obvious examples, for your honest consideration:
  • Name Brand Cigarettes: $5.00 per pack today - $0.43 in the early 1970's.
  • Two Bedroom And One Bath House: $100,000.00 today - $9500.00 in the early 1970's.
  • Twelve Ounce Coca Cola: $1.50 today - $0.10 in the early 1970's
  • Comic Books: $3.75 today [at Wal-Mart] - $0.20 [in every American Convenience Store] in the 1970's.
  • Minimum Wage: $7.25 today - $1.90 in the 1970's.
  • Average Blue Collar Pay: $10.00 p/hr today - $3.75 in the 1970's.

These are real prices folks... comparing Apples to Apples, as our ancestors used to do it! You cannot truthfully compare: Ford Automobiles to Kias, Curtis Mathis Televisions to Goldstars, or Evinrude Outboard Motors to Hundais. By utilizing these new cheaper waged sources - such as: China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Bangladesh - to mask the real effects of our ongoing Monetary Inflation, they have been largely hiding these ongoing facts for decades. More importantly, however, our wages and benefits haven't even kept up with the published figures either! The old: Nickel, Dime, and Quarter annual raises - of the past - didn't even equal the official inflationary figures of around four or five percent per annum.

While our productivity climbed over 600 percent in America's domestic businesses, retirement plans were also being abolished - in favor of the nebulous and self funded 401k... health benefits were being cut, or passed on through, in ever larger measure to their employees... and the government was raising taxes upon all four primary streams of their revenue: Income Taxes, Sales Taxes, Property Taxes, and Corporate Taxes - which are [inescapably] passed on to their eventual consumers as an indirect form of taxation.

As the tax burden grew too much for us to bear: they encouraged our businesses to flee overseas [to lower the prices through cheaper sources of labor], they continually loosened banking standards [to encourage riskier lending practices], and utilized Keynesian Economic gimmicks [to continually restart the economy] - as it increasingly faltered under all of this growing political and economic weight. Consequently, our current crisis was inevitable at some point into the future and here we now are! The Real American Truth is that no amount of printed money can ever hope to jump-start this totally crashing economy.

Until America addresses the real issue of Over Taxation - being exerted, upon the various working classes - the overall economy will continually worsen until we achieve their fully intended hyper-inflationary crash. Why do I say, "fully intended?" Haven't you figured it out, yet? You cannot honestly propose: A New International Currency, One World Centralized Banking System, and Massive Continental Political Unions to a worldwide population largely against them - without first creating a very powerful justification in their totally myopic eyes! By crashing the worldwide economy, voters all over the globe will be desperate for anything at all - being then politically proposed.

Oh yes, folks, this Economic Crisis was intentionally created! Moreover, numerous Presidential Administrations were knowingly involved in its carefully calculated and crafted occurrence. It was cleverly devised by John Maynard Keynes [himself] and his political and economic followers in order to foster a worldwide Social-Fascist Economy under the aegis of The New World Order - which we continually hear being spoken about. In His books, "The Third Way" or "Middle Path" is a cleverly treatised political and economic outline for One World Governance, through carefully crafted Financial and Political Enslavement.

President Barrack H. Obama promised us: "Change That We Can Believe In," but he never promised us, that we'd: want it, desire it, or even like it in the end. We can "Believe In It," because it is happening! This isn't some fictional tale of carefully crafted political conspiracies written in some best selling book. It's real, folks. You had better believe it... real quick! More importantly, both mainstream political parties and their charismatic Freemason/Illuminati leaderships are factually involved. Do the research, folks... I'm not lying!

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