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Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 4th, 2011: The Last American Independence Day.

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Everything must come to an end... and: " The Grand American Experiment " - is no different from anything else. For over a century, her ever fewer: Historians, Wise Men, and Prophets have warned of the inescapable results of certain ill-advised political policies... and yet, no-one truly listened. In their Exceptional Pride and Unwarranted Arrogance, the American people and their leaders have ignored every call towards the promotion of: Morality, Ethics, and Reason! While I take no pleasure in saying it, This July 4th will be America's Last Independence Day Celebration - as, A Fully Intact and Sovereign Nation.

This not to say, or even imply, that The United States of America will cease to exist in 2012! It will [ most certainly ] still be here for at least four more years... however, Yet Another Civil War amongst her supremely nationalistic confederacy will begin in: " The Summer " Of 2012; and The U.S. Presidential Election will be canceled - for The Fall. Consequently, Barack H. Obama will go down in world history as: " The Very Last United States President. "

I make This Plain-Spoken Statement in the full knowledge that others may view me as either: Crazy, or Extremely Ignorant - with regards to current political events! Meanwhile, I do so, based upon my own knowledge of: Accurate World History, Certain Verifiable Ongoing Events, and The Understanding Of Key Prophetic Scriptures. Bear in mind, that I Am Not: Calling For It, Encouraging It, or even Supporting It... I am just reporting ' The Truth ' as I, myself, honestly do see it!  

July Fourth 2011, will be: " America's Last Independence Day Celebration! " Therefore, I would counsel All Americans to thoroughly enjoy this 235th Fourth Of July Celebration in the fullest possible measure... because, you won't be in any mood to party by the next one... and there won't be one, at all, after that! As the prophet Isaiah wrote:
" For Before The Harvest [ The Separation Of His Sheep, From The Goats ], when the bud is perfect [ The House of Israel is set to bear fruit ] And the sour grape is ripening in the flower [ and The False Teachings of Spiritual Babylon are becoming obvious to everyone ], He will cut off The Sprigs [ The New Spiritual Growth ] with pruning hooks And take away and cut down the branches [ and remove The States from Their Common Rootstock ].
The will be left piled together [ vying for political control ] for The Mountain Birds Of Prey [ The Air War amongst their States ] And for The Beasts Of The Earth [ The Foreign Armies which shall invade them ]; The Birds Of Prey will Summer upon them [ The Civil War begins in the Summer ], And The Beasts Of The Earth will Winter upon them [ The Invasion begins in the Winter ]. " - Isaiah 18: 5-6.

If this article seems somewhat somber and depressing to you, then you're not alone... because, it disturbs me more than you can ever imagine... after all, I'm: " The Real American. " When I started my first blog, The Truth About America, I intended nothing less than to assist in rebuilding America - more in line with her extremely magnificent and well-balanced political roots! Alas, however, the fate of all nations has always been in the hands of Yahweh, The Mighty One... and He, dear friends, has already spoken.

Having considered all of the prophecies of Latter Day: Canaan, Edom, Tyre, Israel, Moab, and Ammon - I can assure you that: " The American Experiment " is now over... and the results are increasingly becoming obvious to everyone. Thus, I have adjusted my primary focus to America In Prophecy - as it is, by now, far more appropriate.

{ ***NOTE: I am not talking about: " The End Of The World ", " Christ's Imminent Return ", or " The Destruction Of Babylon " - which are all entirely different prophecies and spiritual issues. America is: " Latter Day Canaan, or Tyre... " The European Union is: " Babylon The Great! " Just so you know, fleeing to Europe isn't exactly a desirable option...  Babylon [ itself ] will have its own issues to deal with, before long. }
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    Not sure if you're still posting. I'm just assuming from the date :-) But wanted to say thanks for stopping by my site.

  2. Most of my time is currently going into my other blog site American In Prophecy , since our current problems are actually: Far More Spiritually Related, than Political!


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