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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Obama/Boehner Congressional Compromise is a joke; but our creditors probably won't get the real humor.

Pres. Barack Obama and John Boehner.
According to the mainstream media, President Barack Obama and Our Congressional Leaders have hammered out A Debt Compromise just 36 hours before ' America's Inevitable Default '. If we are to believe this magnificent fiction, an agreement between these five political leaders will lead to a signed congressional bill within a new historic time period. In less than 24 hours, more than 400 votes will somehow gathered by both mainstream parties for An American Budgetary Bill - that merely moves ' Our Economic Crash Date ' to February of 2013!

Will they do it? Perhaps, but not very likely! More importantly, however, will our creditors accept it - when they have already stated, that any deal must absolutely include [ at least ] 4 Trillion Dollars In Meaningful Cuts? Because, the Obama/Boehner Compromise, if passed, can't even guarantee 1 Trillion until well after February of 2013... and ' Any Credit Downgrade ', at all, will mean that all of our budgetary targets are then quite meaningless.

If you're not buying Real Money [ Gold and Silver ] by now, then I feel very sorry for you.... While the rest of you are relying upon: " Your Own Foolish Leaders ", and  " Dumb Luck " - there is A Mighty One watching over The Children Of Israel; and as for me, I shall continue to trust in Him! In the Summer of 2012, America's Prophesied Civil War will begin - right upon schedule....

{ ***NOTE: For those of you who don't know what particular prophesies that I'm talking about, then visit the America In Prophecy blog site. There are over 200 Key National Descriptors of Latter Day Canaan [ or Tyre ] within The Scriptures, and all of them apply only to The United States of America. }

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