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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Barrack Obama Isn't Our First Non-Christian President....

The "New World Order" isn't New - it started in 1776.
Lest, any of my readers think that I am just picking on [little old] President Barrack Hussein Obama, I though I'd make you fully aware of something important. Obama isn't the first Non-Christian President in America's illustrious political history! Frankly, our nation has had many of them.... It would be much easier, by far, to name the handful that were Christian in any meaningfully [or, significantly] fundamental way. The majority of them merely told their fellow Americans that which was: highly useful, functionally inspirational, and/or politically required.

In fact, to set the record straight and to make it perfectly clear: The Illuminati, Freemasons, Satanists, and Luciferians have always dominated our American political arena! How can this be, you ask? Haven't most of them expended great effort in talking about God? Most certainly... and what of it? It is nothing new for Lucifer to cloth himself as "an angel of light." Nor, is it anything new for his own ministers to speak to us from our very own pulpits. Yahshua [Jesus] Himself warned you of this, and you chose to blatantly disregard Him....

He warned you to very carefully and selectively choose those from among you to elevate into positions of authority and power... He explained that: "We war not against flesh and blood, but against Principalities and Powers" and fight against the forces of darkness and their counterpart, which is: "Spiritual Wickedness In High Places." Precisely, which "High Places" did you [honestly] expect to find them? They are our: Politicians, Judges, Lawyers, Clergymen, Business Executives, Stock Brokers, Military Officers, Policemen, Journalists, and [yes] even Teachers....

Did you [honestly] expect that, something as purely evil and wholly sinister as: "Babylon The Great" would come about without a powerfully established, well organized, and firmly entrenched leadership in every vitally important human endeavor? They are [now] found everywhere, throughout all aspects of our ongoing society... and it required a monumental amount of effort to fully bring it forth and achieve it.

Yahshua [Jesus] explained that the worldwide events known as: "The Seven Seals Of Revelation" would be merely its birth pains... Hundreds Of Millions have [by now] died, in its earliest of convulsions. Many more will suffer the very same fate. Moreover, the contractions grow stronger and more frequent as her labors will continue to progress. Consequently, we can expect The Next Three Seals Of Revelation to occur in a fairly rapid succession. 

I offer you some God-given wisdom, you may do with it as you wish. They will not step aside easily, or even lightly... and they are fully prepared for a fight! Alarmingly, however, we're not. The majority of us, don't even know what's [truly] happening. No sir, Barrack Obama isn't our first Non-Christian President... but, if we don't wake up fairly soon, he may - very well be - our last! It's too bad, there won't be "A Rapture...."

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