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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gerald Celente Predicts Economic Crisis Is Bigger Than Many Suspect

Gerald Celente: American Economic Guru.
Gerald CelenteDirector of Trends Research Institute, and a noted critic of: The Federal Reserve, Several Political Administrations, and Wall Street - is calling for a Worldwide Currency Collapse within the next 18 months to 2 years. Thus, lending his strong and opinionated voice to the statements of: Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers, Max Keiser, Niall Ferguson, and so many others.

Like Schiff, Celente accurately predicted the recent Housing Bubble and The Banking Collapse - which, days later, rapidly followed. His intuitive instinct and proven track record  - at predicting future economic events and activities - is somewhat remarkable. Nor, is he afraid to tell us: "The Truth" - when no one else will. Personally, I wouldn't ignore anything that either Celente or Schiff has predicted... those who do, will ultimately regret it!

Just take a moment and watch this recent video and consider the rapidly moving storm of circumstances it very honestly portends.... 

 The Dollar Bubble will precipitate a Worldwide Currency Collapse - according to the experts....

Anyone who isn't quietly preparing for this New Economic Disaster is taking a significant gamble. According to the world's top investors, the question isn't "If," but "When..." and, from a uniquely biblical perspective, I most certainly do concur. For an accurate End Times Biblical Time Line read my article entitled: End Times or End Of Age Timeline [part 1] at my other site, The Truth About God.

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