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Sunday, July 4, 2010

American Independence: After 234 Years, The Battle Still Rages On....

A New Nation is being drafted and born....
Contrary to popular opinion, America didn't obtain its Independence 234 years ago. Nor, did we ultimately gain Our Freedom in 1781. For, had that truly been the case, there would have been no need to continually fight all of these ongoing battles to: foster, protect, and maintain it! What I'm saying, folks, is that: "Wars are never over until the enemy finally: grows weary, stands exhausted, and ultimately capitulates; and the enemies of American Freedom have never done so."

It s true that we have enjoyed momentary truces and lulls in this epochal battle. After all, our enemies are wise enough to understand what's working and what's not. They have often taken these times to: retool, regroup, and rearm. They have [just as often] adjusted and shifted their: strategies, tactics, and focus. But until they are totally victorious, they will always continue the fight!  Although many Americans have now grown weary in this never-ending battle, the stakes are now higher than ever. We must strengthen our knees, and stand firmly, or everything will soon be lost.

"Anything for Peace" isn't a good solution....
In many ways, America suffers the very same afflictions of Historical Israel both: in The Ancient Times and [now] In The Present. Both of our spiritually minded nations lacked the committed resolve necessary to fully vanquish our enemies - when the opportunity fully presented itself... and both of our nations are now honestly lamenting it! Our enemies will not content themselves with a: peaceful, godly, and brotherly co-existence. It is not enough that they themselves can equally benefit by an adherence to our underlying Principles Of Freedom.

Rather, they must take [by the force of arms], that, which has never been theirs: "The Fruits Of Honest Labor," and, "The Blessings Of God To His Righteous." My friends, it is this Spirit of Egypt, which seeks to more fully enslave us... it is The Wickedness Of The Assyrian, which is thoroughly dividing us and dragging us off piecemeal into their cleverly devised captivity... and it is The Religion Of The Babylonian to accomplish this great task - from within our own political processes and institutions.

Who is like The Beast, except she who rides it?
Moreover, this triumvirate [or trinity] of political powers was described to us in the scriptures - as happening at this time - over 3000 years ago. In a nation, which makes a claim to being 76 percent Judeo-Christian Believers, this scenario shouldn't be coming as such a surprising shock. Either: quite a few of us are liars, or very few of us [indeed] can factually read and comprehend that which has been most extensively written. Almost all of The Prophets wrote of this End Time Scenario, where is our excuse for not knowing it?

If the Spirit Of Antichrist is to be in control of every aspect of our lives - utilizing his human agents of deceit - would he leave out an area as important as our own pulpits? Although the demons being afraid of consecrated ground makes for interesting television, is it honestly Biblical? Lucifer quoted The Scriptures back to Yahshua... the demons of Legion recognized Him immediately and even trembled with intense fear... and He [Himself] warned you about: "The Ravenous Wolves rushing in, while being clothed as, Angels Of Light." Where is your excuse in continuing to believe in these: False Teachers, Sages, and Prophets - rather than turning back toward your Bibles?

The "Gospel Of Greed" has replaced the Gospel Of Christ.
There isn't one! As the Bible fully relates: "We shall reap, what it is, that we sow." Yahweh will not continue to shower a nation with rich blessings, wherein the people are continually strengthening the hands of the godless and the wicked. Such a thing: cannot, shall not, and will not occur. Our nation is now eaten up with the Spirit Of Antichrist - whose Temples Of Worshipful Greed dot our landscape, from one shore to the other. The scriptures remind us, that: "You cannot serve both Yahweh and Money." Loving the one is always hateful toward the other.

Forcing others to pay our own bills isn't "Charity." Rather, it is an expression [or outpouring of]: "Utter Contempt And Selfishness Toward Others." Whereas, charity is: "A Free Gift, Being Lovingly Given." The fact, that we can no longer recognize this concept, speaks volumes toward our true spiritual condition! Although we call ourselves Christian, we are yet: "Pitiful, Blind, Wretched, and Naked." When will we: Open our Bibles and grow strong, Study His Word that we may see, Wash ourselves through the application of His Holy Spirit, and Possess the decency to put on some new spiritual clothes?

Once that has been accomplished, Yahweh will do the fighting for us! For it is written:
  • "There is no wisdom or understanding or counsel against Yahweh your Mighty One. The horse is prepared for the day of battle, But deliverance comes from Yahweh." - Proverbs 21:30-31.

There is [undoubtedly] much to be thankful for on this Independence Day. The Battle For Freedom has never been fully extinguished, nor lost! The battle lines have shifted considerably - over the years - but some of us still live and fight on. In all honesty, it is prophesied that America shall fall and I would be greatly remiss - in my job as a watchman - to tell you otherwise... and yet, we have not been left without a blessed hope and much greater assurance. For, our Savior, Yahshua draws ever closer each day.

He's standing at the door even this very moment and knocking... and, until Yahweh's last "Chosen One" opens that spiritual door, The Battle For Human Freedom must continue to rage on! So, do not tarry too long in your Independence Day Celebrations... do not fool yourselves into falsely believing the battle is over... and do not totally succumb to the moment. America needs you [now], more than ever! In the meantime, have a blessed Independence Day, folks.

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  1. Amen! Right on the money. I find lots of folks just have their heads in the sand. Haven't a clue. With our current federal administration lots of folks are awake. Finally.

    Have a terrific day. :)


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