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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Coin Sellers And Bullion Dealers Angered By New Federal Tax Law

Have you got Gold Fever? So does Uncle Sam, now....
If you have been: disturbed over the self-destructive financial policies of our Federal Government, outraged by the massive banking bailout, and mortified by the government then adding "Obama Care" - to its never ending laundry list of already underfunded obligations - then you are probably investing in: Platinum, Silver, and/or Gold. Let's face it, the question isn't whether our National Currency will eventually collapse, but rather, how quickly that [inescapable] day will come! Trust me, our political leaders know this fact, as well... and here's the [verifiable] proof of that claim.

Having realized that the American electorate is now wise to what's happening - and thus, increasingly hedging themselves against a falling dollar - our ever observant Congressional Leadership has quietly inserted a tack-on provision into The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [or, PPACA] to amend the Internal Revenue Code and expand the scope of the 1099 Form. Section 9006, of this new bill, will require all buyers, sellers, and dealers of: Silver, Platinum, and Gold - in coinage or bullion - to report these personal transactions on their 1099 Forms, starting January 1st of 2012.

New 1099 Form will be coming January 1st, 2012.
Until now, 1099 Forms have been used to report or keep track of miscellaneous income associated with services provided by self-employed individuals who are working independently. However, this new regulatory policy will require the reporting of all purchases of goods and services exceeding $600.00 during one calendar year. Consequently, Precious Metal Dealers, selling both coins and bullion, will be hit very hard by this new piece of mandatory governmental legislation. In the meantime, the Joint Committee on Taxation expects to raise $17 billion over the next ten years on these new sources of IRS income.

Although the Precious Metal and Coin Industry is taking the lead - in voicing their opposition to this new political measure - we must lend them all of the political support that we [ourselves] can conceivably muster. Such governmental documentation, as under this PPACA Legislation, will greatly assist them in any future legislative efforts or moves toward individual wealth confiscation! Don't forget, this has happened before, in our own unique American history... and once our currency has been systematically destroyed, they will invariably be looking for something else to back its inevitable replacement. What will that something else be? Uh... geez, this isn't rocket science, folks....

The actual, 1933, "Gold Confiscation" order....
By allowing our Federal Government to create these key transactional records, we will be aiding and assisting them in continuing down the path to our own eventual societal destruction. It is better that they address our financial demons now, than unleashing them all across our economically destitute nation just four, or five, years later! When America can finally find its way back to a financially sustainable path, by finally gutting the Federal Government of its grossly Un-Constitutional Authorities, those Individual and Personal Assets will be sorely needed by our thoroughly trashed markets to re-establish some reasonable semblance of Sustainable Economic System and Financial Order.

Every "Decent Farmer" knows that some reasonable amount of seed must be kept back from each annual harvest. If every kernel of corn were surrendered into the national markets, what could they then possibly plant - when the fields were again ready for the very next sowing? These Individual and Personal Assets, stored up safely and securely - in real Platinum, Gold, or Silver coinage - by the prudent and wise, will be important to the ongoing and necessary future of our: society, people, and nation. Absolutely nothing should be allowed to harm them!

Depression Era Labor Lines are coming, folks....
Yes, many fools will obviously suffer when the Currency Collapse invariably comes... but, what of it? It is that very same set of fools, who [extensively] caused it to happen. Was it, not? And if a few public leaders lose their heads, or merely get dragged through the streets, then so be it. They're the one's who cow-towed to a nation of idiots and - through either: their own personal designs, or mere political cowardice - brought it about! Isn't this, also, equally true? Of course it is. Does this seem harsh? Sure it does....

And yet, this is merely the Natural Cycle of Human Life, continually upon historic display! Wicked men will suffer for their wickedness... nations will rise and fall.... but "We, The People [who build them]," must invariably carry on over the fullness of time. Meanwhile, the financial seeds - which will allow us to continue doing so - are well worth their full measure in: Silver, Platinum, and Gold. Unlike those, increasingly, worthless slips of paper.

Sometimes, Real American Truth isn't very popular to hear, but it's still important for us to honestly and openly listen. Believe me, I take no pleasure in telling you these things - for I [honestly] love my country very much. However, The Truth is what it is and I cannot, or will not, deny it... and neither, should you! This isn't just some stupid video game folks, it's for real... and the sooner you wake up - and realize it - the sooner we can address these life threatening issues.

Think of it this way. The Adults are the wise ones who have been watching the storm clouds gathering just past the horizon and warning us to get prepared for the "nor'easter". Meanwhile, the majority of us are like little children - incapable of seeing the storm over the horizon, and wouldn't care even if we could. After all, once we get into trouble, we expect others to bail us out of it anyway - especially, if it's our own fault. Meanwhile, "The Cookie Jar" is where all adults keep their just for rainy day money. Now, leave the cookie jar alone, and run along to play! Your "Rich" Uncle Sammy is buying ice-cream for everyone, as always....

*** Meanwhile: My personal advice to all of you "Real Americans" is [as follows]:
  • "Buy as much: Gold, Platinum , and/or Silver  as you can now - before the prices go up still further and that documentation becomes a very real and troubling issue. You [may] have one year to do so? Place it in a strong, secure, and/or carefully concealed location - where it is readily accessible, for when you'll invariably be needing it. Do not place it, or keep it, in a Safety Deposit Box [or, in any Banking Institution]! The first place the government will go are to those safety deposit boxes - when they invariably shut down the banks to reset our National Currency. Start thinking like 1920's Americans. Ask yourself, "What would my grandparents do..." and we just might have half a chance.
  • And for those of you that are more spiritually minded: make your paths straight for Yahweh, rebuild that long neglected relationship with Him, and learn "The Secrets to Effective and Fervent Prayer." As individual Americans - in this swift coming and tremendous storm - you're largely going to need them!

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