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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Freedom From Offense And The Islamic Mosque Controversy

Site of the proposed Mosque in lower Manhattan.
I had hoped to avoid writing about the Islamic Mosque Controversy, raging over Manhattan, New York's business district... I honestly did! To my way of thinking, the numerous Constitutional Issues involved - such as: Property Rights, Religious Freedom, and others - ended the debate long before it even really started. Personally, I wouldn't surrender my Constitutionally Guaranteed Freedoms and Rights, even if ninety-nine percent of Americans were offended to the point of forming a lynch mob!

Does that, sound crazy? Well, it shouldn't. Our enlightened ancestors never intended for themselves, or even their far distant posterity, an all encompassing "Freedom From Offense!" They, at least, were smart enough to recognize that, a governmentally mandated Freedom From Offense would inherently abrogate and/or circumvent every other Freedom and/or Right - that they had hoped to perpetually establish. Just stop for a solitary moment and think about what it is, that many are honestly asking.... Everything humanly possible, on an Individual and Personal Level, actually offends someone. Can you name any one Constitutional Freedom, or Lawfully Guaranteed Right, that doesn't?

One man's Freedom Of Religion is another man's heresy... practicing the Freedom of Speech continually offends even our own wives and family... Property Ownership definitely offends all Leftists - regardless of pedigree... and, even if everyone else agreed, The Right To Bear Arms would still be offensive to criminals. If Americans possessed a constitutionally guaranteed Freedom From Offense, how many governmental agencies would still factually exist? There is absolutely no doubt, in my mind, that the Internal Revenue Service wouldn't make it... for it offends me greatly, as a Freedom Loving American, and I would sign that very first Legal Statement Of Offense.

What so many Americans fail to realize is that, "Freedom doesn't come Free" and individual or personal offense is the very first shot, in that ongoing political battle! While millions have died to continually protect it, many modern and alarmingly under-educated Americans would [obviously] throw it all away - for: a mere slap in the face, some spittle on their cheek, or even having their shoes covered in poo.... What is [honestly] wrong with you? Are you all [just] a nation of idiots? I would [truthfully] like to know.

With a great number of Individual Freedoms, comes a commensurate amount of Personal Responsibility. Our first responsibility is to: honor it, cherish it, and protect it; even, from our own selves - if necessary. Our second responsibility is to be: thoughtful before we act, considerate when we do act, and offensive only when it is unavoidable. These Idealistic Principles aren't new, and they are certainly not rocket science. Our entire nation was built upon them and they are known simply as: "Common Sense," "Horse Sense," or "American Social Convention." We are, by our own unique constitutional definition: "A Self-Regulated Society," and it [absolutely] requires us to regulate our own individual actions.

Is it really wise for an Islamic Congregation to build a mosque so close to "Ground Zero" in Manhattan, New York - after what has happened? Probably, not... but then again, it isn't our decision. Will it offend millions of horrified Americans - whose family members either: died in the Twin Towers, or the ensuing military conflicts? Certainly! However, we are first and foremost a constitutionally based nation of laws. Should we now suspend them, because of this one minor political offense? Absolutely Not! Shame on anyone for even politely considering it.

I am a Judeo-Christian Believer who ardently attempts to follow his own spiritually minded conscience. Meanwhile, I am certain that the majority of both Christians and Jews would find ample grounds for taking offense upon hearing my fully stated theological beliefs... and yet, I am free to: believe them, practice them, and defend them - under lawful constitutional protection. I am also a: Freelance Writer, Philosophical Scholar, and Blogger who utilizes the Freedom Of Speech every single day. Although I honestly attempt to write "The Truth" - rather than taking sides with either of those politically perverted mainstream parties - I continually offend everyone in this ongoing process.

In fact, the key to speaking The Truth is to [actually] offend everyone equally. If one party is being continually left out, then you can be absolutely certain that you're listening to a mere "Party Hack," or Propagandist. No one is perfect, and the political parties - who represent them - are even worse than the individuals that comprise them. After all, politics is the art of political compromise. Our more idealistic ancestors referred to it, euphemistically as: "Shaking Hands With The Devil" - for that is [precisely] what it is! Many laws simply cannot even come up for a vote, without a serious amount of political compromise. Nor, can the various party platforms be firmly established without it.

If the memberships of our two mainstream parties were based solely upon absolute political agreement, then we'd be in a constant state of anarchy. How many Democrats are "Anti-Abortion" and yet continue to hold their noses, for the sake of other more highly desired issues? How many Republicans are against "The Unconstitutional Patriot Act" and yet do the very same? These two mainstream political parties are even offensive to the majority of their own memberships! What more can be [honestly] said? Freedom From Offense is a blatantly Anti-American Fiction, conceived by those - who desire nothing less than the total elimination of our Individual Freedoms and Rights.


  1. I agree with your premise as far as "Freedom of Religion" is concerned. But then I wonder if perhaps, with this proposed Mosque and Cultural Center, there is another facet to this instead.

    Is religious freedom really at issue in this case? Or is this merely a local zoning issue, in which case, directly involved parties have the right to bring their reasons for opposing a proposed building project to the zoning board and then the zoning board taking action to block it on those grounds? Here are a couple of examples of what I am talking about:

    One example of this type of zoning issue might be seen where residents do not want an adult bookstore built in close proximity to their neighborhood even though the site is zoned for businesses and other adult bookstores already exist in town. A zoning commission might then dictate that the adult bookstore must be built in another area of town.

    Another example is the case of the owners of the Empire State Building who want a "no build zone" around that building to prevent other tall skyscrapers from being built that could block its views.

    In those cases, the zoning commissions might prevent the proposed projects based on the objections raised by others.

    In relation to the Mosque and Cultural Center near Ground Zero, one might then say that no one is being prevented from building it in NYC, only that they cannot build it in a certain spot. Is that really denying someone's "Freedom of Religion"? And are questions of "how far away is far enough" legitimate the same as they are in my other 2 examples?

  2. This is NOT a freedom issue--NOT a religious issue. This is a issue of what is WRONG and what is right.



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