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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is God just Punishing Japan, or is, He depriving Her Seaports to Tyre.

Tsunami HoaxImage by astanhope via Flickr
The Japanese Earthquake & Tsunami.
With The Recent Destruction In Japan, many 'True Believers' are aware of the Biblical Implications - of such a nationwide tragedy. After all, nothing of this Immensity and Scale has ever happened before. The Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami was monumental. Hundreds Of Thousands are now dead... Millions More have been left homeless... Entire Cities have been reduced to complete trash and rubble... and Millions Of Square Miles have been irradiated and made toxic. Could this horrific disaster have truly been 'An Act Of God'? And if so, then most of us would [probably] like to know why?

Just watch, The Following Short Video....

The Real American Truth

The Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami.

Let' face it, once you go down the path of: 'Blaming God For Naturally Occurring Tragedies' - then you absolutely need some objective external authority to verify such truly questionable statements. Wouldn't most of us fully agree? Well then, let's look at one... let's just consider The Bible. In Isaiah Chapter 23, it tells us, 'A Proclamation Against The End Time Nation Of Tyre'. Which, according to The Scriptures, sounds identical to The United States of America.
{*** NOTE: For verification of this particular statement, see the article entitled: "American History from A Truly Biblical Perspective."}

In Isaiah Chapters 23, we read The Following:
  • "Overflow through your land like 'The Great River', O daughter of Tarshish [Tyre]; There is no more strength." - verse 10.

    The Real American Truth

    The Greatest Mississippi Flood On Record - ABC News.

    By studying this particular scripture, we can clearly see that this Historic Event occurs The Year Immediately Prior to The Civil War In Tyre... as does, the one that immediately follows it!

    • "He stretched out His hand over the sea, He shook the kingdoms; The Mighty One has given a commandment against Canaan [Tyre] To destroy all of its strongholds [or Safe Harbors]." - verse 11.

    The Real American Truth

    Destruction in The Japanese Seaports - RT News.

    What are the odds of 'Two' Such Devastating Events occurring in any given calendar year? Particularly, when both of them have happened in relation to the only nation upon earth that fits these descriptions of 'Latter Day Tyre'.... But, let's go on.

    In Isaiah Chapter 27, we read:
    • "Has He struck Israel [The Southern States] as He struck those who struck Him [The Remainder of Tyre]? Or, has He [Israel] been slain according to the slaughter of those who were slain by Him? In measure, by sending it away [By rebuilding those 'High Places' or Altars To Evil], You have contended with it [You have strived against it]. He removes it [This Spiritual Wickedness] by His Rough Wind - In The Day Of The East Wind. Therefore, by this 'The Iniquity of Jacob' [Israel] will be covered; And this is all the fruit of 'Taking Away His Sin' [The Sins Of Israel]: When He makes all the stones of the altar Like chalk-stones that are beaten to dust, When wooden images [Your Steeples] and incense altars [Their Buildings] do not stand up." - Isaiah 27:7-9.

    The Real American Truth

    Southern States Devastated by Tornadoes- 350 Dead.

    This Prophecy is, also, for the year prior to 'Tyre's Upcoming Civil War'! All three, of these Old Testament Prophesies,  were to factually occur in the very same year. Are these all just 'Coincidences'? Think about it: Massive Flooding In America's Heartland, The Japanese Earthquake And Tsunami, and Devastating Maelstroms In America's Bible Belt. Was the prophet Isaiah just guessing? I don't think so.... But, let's go back to Isaiah 23:11.

    It reads:
    "He stretched out His hand over the sea, He shook the kingdoms; The Mighty One has given a commandment against Canaan [Tyre] To destroy all of its strongholds [or Safe Harbors]." - Isaiah 23:11.

    Who is America's Greatest Ally In The Pacific? Where are so many of its: Sea Ports, Naval Facilities, Ship Yards, and Oversea Drydocks? Of course, It's Japan... Japan is that kingdom across the sea from The United States of America! And why did God do it? To destroy all of America's Strongholds, or Safe Harbors... in His preparation 'For What's Coming Next....'
    {***NOTE: I would advise you to consult a good 'Prophetic Timeline' - for upcoming world events.}

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