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Friday, February 18, 2011

America In Biblical Prophecy

While so much human attention is being focused upon Current Events in The Middle East, a certain fulfillment of biblical prophecy [Isaiah 19], events are also happening Much Closer To Home.... After all, The United States - itself - is growing increasingly unstable in all of its: Social, Spiritual, Economic, and Political Foundations... and its own human population is growing tremendously uneasy! Exactly what is going on over here? The Answer can be [honestly] found in Isaiah Chapter 18 - as reported in the following well-written article, at: The Truth About America.

The article: "Is Isaiah Chapter 18: A Prophecy Regarding America" - points out that every nation possesses certain Fundamental Characteristics, which are key and clear descriptors, that definitively denote [precisely] who they are... and that, America possesses a very unique combination of National Characteristics - shared by no other nation or people, throughout our entire human history.

A nation which has built its own fortunes upon Military and Commercial Air Power and is truly, "Overshadowed by buzzing wings." A nation which is truly descended from the three primary races of: Assyria [The Aryans], Ethiopia [The Africans], and Israel [The Lost Ten Tribes of a mixed spirituality and race]. They are a people of physically Tall Stature and decidedly Clean Shaven as compared to all others. It is geographically located across the oceans from Ethiopia; being almost exactly aligned with it; and divided by One Massive River System in its midst. These are all verifiable facts, that Collectively and Quite Clearly Define America - for exactly who she is!

Undoubtedly, This Particular Prophecy - found in Isaiah Chapter 18 - won't be very popular with the average American citizen. In fact, it is a very rude awakening, for those who've placed their full trust in Our Wonderful Constitutional Protections and have [until now] remained largely uninvolved politically - when it has been wholly necessary to protect them, as we should have! But, it is nonetheless: "The Truth," as having been given by the inerrant revelation of Yahweh's long suffering prophets.

America is headed for its Political Destruction and there is nothing which its citizenry can [now] do to stop it... for: "The bud is now perfect and the sour grape is now ripening in the flower...." Yahweh is now merely awaiting "His Gift" to come out of her - as she is now currently convulsing in all of Her Physical Labors. Very soon [now] His children Israel shall come forth [from out of her severely tired out womb] and meet their long scheduled appointment with their True Spiritual Father - just as the prophesies have so joyously foretold!

This is Real American Truth, as found in, "The End Time Prophecies" - of scripture. To deny it, is a reliance upon Our Own Personal Vanity [as, Individual Americans]; rather than standing upon The Clear Teaching Of Yahweh from His scripture! More importantly, however, the situation here will grow increasingly worse over the next two years. Thus, resulting in: Civil Unrest, Martial Law, A Massive Civil War, and An Invasion By Numerous Other Nations. The Fourth Horseman Of The Apocalypse will soon ride forth in North America... and "The Hunters" will be then unloosed - as they were in Europe, during World War II.

I wonder, if Our Spiritual Brothers [The Jews] had possessed such a clear understanding of the scriptures, would they have hung around in Europe - to fully experience, The Resultant Holocaust? Although I am still The Real American," I increasingly find that the nation I love only exists as a Historical Footnote in our often ignored public libraries. This is a very real shame for many of us, since THAT ONE was: "The Greatest Nation Upon The Earth;" and the one which eventually replaced it, isn't fit for long-term habitation. It has become something entirely different from its historical roots; and decidedly evil in its overall character and nature.

For now, I am "The Real American." But someday soon, I shall: "Shake The Dust Off Of My Feet" and [if even possible] attempt to Convince Millions Of Others To Do Likewise. For Yahweh has shown me: "His plan Of End Time Salvation," and I cannot do any less than reporting it Truthfully.

As a two term U.S. Military Veteran, with 10 years of Honorable Service, my natural reaction is to stay in America and Fight For My Country - when that time eventually comes. However, Yahweh Himself has spoken to me; and thoroughly grilled me in the Relevant Scriptures, concerning our immediate national future. He has explained that the outcome is Already Completely Decided; that the destruction will be Extremely Incredible; True Believers shall be Hunted Down Like Animals;and that I have A Greater Purpose In Store - as a human messenger regarding these Upcoming Events.

Disbelieve, if you choose... Laugh, if you must... Mock, Make Fun Of, and Jeer.... But, in the end, The Truth is wherever you find it. And The Sacred Scriptures have never yet failed to Honestly and Candidly Reveal It! But I have something, even more, than just scriptures alone to go by... The Spirit Of Yahweh, Himself, has revealed these things to me; and pointed out the particular scriptures - which I had never honestly considered of Significant Relevant Value, based upon My Decidedly Christian Mindset.

In fact, only two things had prepared me for This Strangest Turn Of Spiritual Events. The fact, that I Trust In Yahweh Completely, and that I Trust Fully In His Scriptures - more than all of His [self-professed] shepherds combined! I would [honestly] advise anyone else to do the same. For YOUR LIFE Truly Does: "Hang In The Balance...."


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