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Monday, March 7, 2011

Political Unrest Inevitable, As America Approaches: "The Point Of No Return."

Rioting and Protests in Wisconsin?
As The Aryan Descendants Of Ancient Tyre deal with an entire host of: Social, Economic, Financial, and Political Difficulties - which their Federal and Nationalistic Entity has invariably caused - their societal fabric of: Freedom, Brotherhood, and Equality is swiftly unraveling. As witnessed [so recently] in Wisconsin, the problems which are now threatening America are much bigger than the majority is honestly equipped to deal with, or [even] wont to admit! Whether we'll admit it or not, however, A real storm is brewing on her political horizons....

While an increasing number of Americans [aka, The Christians and Tea Partiers] are now finally desirous of Restoring America Firmly To Her Historical and Traditional Roots, those who are [by now] in the political ascendancy are further entrenching themselves into their Currently Held Positions Of Power! In the meantime, the combination of these occurrences is becoming Highly-Explosive; and the steadily accumulating Societal Difficulties are merely fueling cord-wood to the fire. We are quite rapidly approaching: "The Point Of No Return" - as a people and as a nation. 

Nor, should America's Predominantly Christian Population - the: "Prodigals of Ancient Israel" - be surprised by these [seemingly] fateful occurrences! After all, The Holy Scriptures fully predicted them thousands of years ago.... One merely needs only to thoughtfully read: Isaiah Chapter 18, Isaiah Chapter 23, Ezekiel Chapter 26, Ezekiel Chapter 27, Revelation Chapter 6, and Revelation Chapter 13 - in order to more-fully understand where America is now squarely headed. But, of course, such a gargantuan Spiritual Undertaking and Human Effort - upon the part of: "His individual prodigals" - will not factually [or faithfully] occur, before their own Personal Pride has been Utterly Broken....

The Banner has been unfurled in Israel....
While, The Good And Faithful Son has already returned to: "His Father's Own Vineyard" - to repair its spiritual foundations and to rebuild its physical walls - Yahweh's Prodigal Son finds himself increasingly overwhelmed in That Predestined Land and So Geographically Far Away [from his own brother]. Moreover, the long prophesied tribulations are increasingly mounting for this currently: "Lost Son Of Israel." For very soon, The Promised: "Slave Labor and Starvation Wages" - will be levied more-fully upon him!

For both: "The Wheat," and "The Tares" - in: "That Rich And Fruitful Land" - have begun clearly and definably ripening together in the preparation for: "His Harvest." For, this is The True Harvest, wherein it was written [so long ago]....

In Isaiah Chapter 18, we read:
  • "For before The Harvest [immediately prior to the long prophesied: 'Last Days'], When the bud is perfect [when, both: 'The Wheat' and 'The Tares' are now fully matured] and the sour grape is ripening in the flower [and when, they are politically striving for control over: 'The Good and Fruitful Garden'], He will both: Cut off the sprigs with pruning hooks [He shall: 'Gather The Wheat Into His barn' - called, Modern Day Israel], and Take away and cut down the branches [destroy that nation and the arrogant descendants of ancient Tyre]..." - Isaiah 18:5.
  • "In that time [just prior to this long-foretold destruction], A Present [His 'Prodigal Children'] will be brought to Yahweh The Mighty One [shall be returned to The Land Of Their Father] - from a people tall and smooth of skin [they are physically tall and clean shaven], and from a people terrible from their beginning onward [they are an Aryan nation], A nation powerful and treading down [they are the mighty men of Earth], Whose land the rivers divide [From The United States] - to the place of the name of Yahweh The Mighty One [to their father's historical land of Israel], to Mount Zion [and to the city of Jerusalem, its capital]." - Isaiah 18:7.

In Isaiah Chapter 27, we read:
  • "And it shall come to pass in that day That Yahweh will thresh, From the channel of the River [The Mighty Mississippi] to the brook of Egypt [The Nile]; And you will be gathered one by one, O you children of Israel [My Genetic And Spiritual Children]."
  • "So it shall be in that day, That the great trumpet will be blown [The Message Shall Be Given]; They will come [And They Will Listen To It Obediently], who are about to perish in the land of Assyria [In That Great Kingdom Of The Aryans], And they who are outcasts in the land of Egypt [The Coptic Christians who rightfully fear The Rising and New Pharoah], And shall worship Yahweh in the holy mount at Jerusalem [in Modern Day Israel]." - Isaiah 27:12-13. 

And Again, In Ezekiel Chapter 28, we read:

  • "Thus says Yahweh, The Mighty One: 'When I have gathered the house of Israel [My Genetic And Spiritual Children] from the peoples [the modern day nations] among whom they are scattered [whom they are currently settled in the midst of], and am hallowed in them [they have finally obtained to 'The True Faith,' which is 'In Spirit And In Truth'] in the sight of the Gentiles [for all human nations to witness], then they shall dwell in their own land [that land of promised: 'Milk and Honey'] which I gave to My servant Jacob [that land so long ago promised to all of the descendants of Israel]...'"
  • "'And they shall dwell safely there [for no nation will dare ever to attack them again], build houses [establish homes for themselves], and plant vineyards [build a pleasant life for themselves]; yes, they shall dwell securely [you cannot doubt this solid word from Yahweh], when I execute judgments upon all those who despise them [you will then understand this, for all time]. Then they shall know [or fully comprehend] that I am Yahweh [Their: Creator, Sustainer, and Protector] Their Mighty One [He who upholds them in His own hands].'" - Ezekiel 28:25-26.

***Note: For More Information Upon This All Important Subject, go to: "The Truth About God" blog site, and read the following Scripturally Based Articles....

Stop listening to: "The Religious Shepherds Of Babylon..." "Wake Up, from your long slumber, O Israel..." and "Heed The Words Of Yahweh...." For: "He says, 'Come Out Of Babylon [you must physically leave the nations, where I have previously dispersed you], My People [My Genetic Seed and Spiritually Minded Children], Lest You Share In Her Sins And Receive Of Her Plagues [otherwise, you will suffer most horribly and unnecessarily with her]...."

Ahava and Shalom.

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