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Friday, March 11, 2011

Breaking News: Massive 8.5 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Japan

An 8.5 Magnitude Earthquake strikes Japan.
Upon a scale never before seen, An 8.5 Magnitude Earthquake Rocked Japan and [quite probably] killed tens of thousands of Japanese citizens, In The Resultant 30 Foot Tsunami, which followed shortly thereafter! The Tsunami, which is now racing across the Pacific, is more than three times the height of the one that struck Thailand [in December of 2004] to such devastating effect... and is traveling at over 500 nautical miles per hour. Nations around the world are now bracing for "A Worst Case Scenario" - particularly, the smaller and island nations within The Pacific Basin.

After Effects of the 30 Foot Tsunami.
In fact, the terrific damage to Japanese Infrastructure is still continuing - due to the numerously Repetitive Aftershocks, which are still currently ongoing and within a 6 to 7 magnitude range.... Japan - which is highly dependent upon Nuclear Power - has already reported, that at least One Reactor Has Been Compromised by this highly-tragic event. It may be a matter of weeks, before the Japanese government can accurately survey all of the damage having already occurred....

Will Hawaii be spared the destruction?
Meanwhile, In The Western United States, citizens are being cautioned to stay away from the beaches and to avoid low-lying areas over the next 12 to 24 hours. Since we cannot be certain of how much these Natural and Physical Forces will have already dissipated, prior to reaching our shores, people would be well-advised to heed these Ongoing Governmental Warnings! The Islands Of Hawaii  will soon be reporting in their own physical results. We can only hope for the best, while preparing for the worst.

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