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Friday, September 24, 2010

Is The Presidential Appointment Of Bureaucratic Czars Constitutional

Cartoon capturing the lunacy of the "Czar" mentality.
For decades now, America has been devising more and more bureaucratic agencies - under the Executive Authority of its presidents - in order to micromanage vast areas of its political economy. Meanwhile, each of these agency heads [or, managerial directors] has been euphemistically labeled "Czar" by each successive administration. But what precisely is a Czar, and precisely what kind of authorities does such a political title imply?

Let's see what the Dictionary says about this all important political term - before making any rash judgments regarding it.... Perhaps, it's really no big deal - in a Representative and Democratic Republic?

  1. An Emperor, or King.
  2. An Autocratic Ruler or Leader.
  3. A Tyrant, or Autocrat.
  4. A Dictator possessing "Life Or Death" Authority.
  5. A Slavic and contracted form of the Latin [or Roman] term "Caesar."
  6. Any person exercising Absolute Authority [or Power] within a given specialized field.
  7. The term Czar  is sometimes applied generally to a powerful leader or to a government administrator with wide-ranging authorities and powers.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In These Hard Economic Times Inexpensive Is A Good Thing

Local Wal-Mart Stores are everywhere.
In these Hard Economic Times, with America's domestic economy in tatters and over 30 million unemployed citizens, "Inexpensive" has become a good thing; and "Free" is even better! As the reality of three consecutive years of Economic Contraction begins to sink in, even the most previously optimistic of Americans are now being highly selective in how they are largely spending their money. Of course, this is only to be expected, when our ineffectual political leaders [honestly] believe that: "A $15.00 per hour job at Wal-Mart," should honestly suffice for most of us....

Let's face it, either: Wal-Mart has a very large shortage of Store Managers nationwide, or our political leaders are grossly out of touch with our hometown American reality! Although I can't speak for every area of America, personally, but: Cashiers, Stock Clerks, and [even] Department Supervisors - in South Carolina - fall significantly short of this often quoted hourly figure. Meanwhile, The News Media - which continually repeats it, without properly calling it into question - is apparently just as ill-informed as their political buddies in Washington! What's up with that, anyway? Aren't they supposed to be checking the actual facts, rather than ignorantly repeating them like uninformed propagandist puppets?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Introductory Video For Real American Truth Now On Youtube

Thanks to the extremely hard-working efforts of our Real American Truth blog site staff, The Real American has now entered the video age online. A particular thanks, must go out to my "I.T. Guy / Video Producer" Jose Torres - who: set it all up, assisted in making the videos, and who [honestly] did all of the necessary editing - to make it look truly sharp, and professional. Thank you very much, Jose!

Please let us know what you, "Our Readers," think about the new video. We are considering the addition of a video archived section to the blog, in the not so distant future, and we would welcome all input upon the subject.... Please leave your comments below!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Real American Wins "Caption This" Contest

Recent Award from Comedy Plus blog site....
The Real American won the "Caption This" Contest on the Comedy Plus blog site - due to his unusual wit and eclectic sense of humor. The entire staff at Real American Truth takes a certain amount of earnest pride in one of our own achieving such a great accomplishment. Way to go, to "The Real American...."

"We stand in awe of your continual word-smithing talents!" Now, do you think that, you can help us out - with a few new articles getting posted around here? Our readership awaits, "Oh Great One...." lol

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lincoln Research Connects "Honest Abraham" To Abbeville, SC

Portrait of President Abraham Lincoln in Washington.
If my numerous readers have been wondering about my infrequent postings, as of late, then the answer may honestly surprise you. Not, that I might be building yet another blog - but that my flagship article for that new blog site: "The Abbeville Journal & Review" would be upon President Abraham Lincoln and his invariable kinship [with respect towards, Abbeville, South Carolina]. Yup! You, heard it right. The birthplace, and deathbed, of the Confederate States of America - has yet another connection to that particular war. Abraham Lincoln was conceived in Abbeville, SC; and Vice-President John C. Calhoun may very well be his actual father....

You just can't go making this stuff up, folks... and thanks to doing the necessary research, I am as certain of this potentiality as you can be - without having the actual DNA to prove it conclusively! In any case, the evidence regarding his true parentage is tremendously convincing when honestly, and openly, explored. So be sure and check out this eye opening article at the Abbeville Journal & Review entitled: "Abraham Lincoln [Northern Despot] A Product Of Smooth Southern Seduction."

Abbeville, South Carolina on the State map.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Issues Surrounding State Sovereignty Are Gaining Political Notoriety

Political Columnist Walter Williams.
As the Ongoing Political Debate over: States Rights, True Sovereignty, Legislative Nullification, and [even] Lawful Secession continues to heat up nationwide - many American Historians, Political Editorialists, Syndicated Columnists, and Internet Bloggers have begun to weigh in upon these all-important issues. The reasons for this rapidly growing political notoriety is that so many in America are now unjustly chafing under the increasingly apparent Federal Bureaucratic Monopoly - over [virtually] every single aspect of their accumulative societal lives. Moreover, our national government has done such a "piss poor job of it," that our entire society is now coming unglued at its seams! To many in America today, it seems more like: "Governmentally Inspired Political Anarchy," than "Reasonable Representative Direction."

The discussion is [now] becoming so mainstream across our American nation, that even editorialists such as: Walter Williams, Walter Block, Edmund ConnellyDarrell Mulloy, and James Allan Bersen are now sounding in upon this ongoing political debate... and political representatives from Vermont to Texas are mentioning "The 'S' Word" quite publicly. In the meantime, The Federal Government seems to be quietly preparing for the increasing possibility of a Federally Imposed Martial Law - while exerting even more political pressures upon our various electorates. As crazy as it all seems, The Obama Administration is [seemingly] intent upon: reducing all Americans to a state of politically devised servitude, destroying our necessary economic engine, and plunging our nation into an insurrectionist chaos!

Monday, September 6, 2010

New World Order Agenda Explained In An Australian Video

While searching around The Internet, I came across this very well narrated "One World Government Agenda" video - apparently having been produced in Australia. It is fairly short, covers all of the most basic concepts upon some level, and it clearly explains our current dilemma in no uncertain terms. Although there is far more to the subject of what is now [factually] occurring - upon a worldwide scale - thanks to the "New World Order" elite, this video offers very insightful information for the largely uninformed and politically unaware viewer. Please take the time to watch it and add your comments....

An Australian video clearly explaining the "New World Order" Agenda in simple layman's terms.

As this video points out, it is important to remember that most lower ranking governmental employees [including the police] are equally unaware of what's happening politically both: locally and worldwide. Moreover, they are being falsely mislead into believing that We The People are their enemies - through the current misinformation labeling all Middle Class Dissenters as: "Conspiracy Theorists," "Religious Nuts," "Troublemakers," "Teabaggers," "Anarchists," "Crazy Militia Members," "Mentally Disturbed War Veterans," and [even] "Domestic Terrorists." Keep this all-important perspective in mind. Be sure and share this video!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

President Barrack Obama's Labor Day Message To America

What would we do without good management?
Just prior to the start of this Labor Day weekend, President Barrack Obama released the following video from The White House. It is addressed to all Americans, but is aimed squarely at the currently upset and disenfranchised American Middle Class. His speech is clearly well-written and touches upon several important Middle Class themes. It absolutely drips with humanitarian sincerity at our ongoing economic plight and it even mentions our declining standards of living over the past ten years. Watch this carefully crafted and eloquently scripted video, yourself....

President Barrack H. Obama's Labor Day Address from the White House: a bunch of empty words.

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