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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Real American Is Once Again Gainfully Employed

The Real American's New Day Job. "Well, there you go..."

If you've been wondering what happened to me lately, I recently became one of the fortunate few who are "Gainfully Employed" - after two years of prolonged situational unemployment and carefully budgeting my very limited money and resources. I have been blessed by an Assistant Mangers Position in a local department store and I am very grateful for it! With the unemployment rate - in Abbeville, South Carolina - approaching 20 percent, I had begun to despair of ever finding any local employment... but Yahweh [God], in His mercy, both: heard, and answered, my sincere prayers... thus, renewing my personal level of hope dramatically.

During the last month, or so, I had an awful lot upon my personal plate. I had to re-acquire necessary transportation... learn the procedures and methodologies of my new position... and juggle a whole host of related tasks - which have largely consumed my personal time. I am now hoping to settle back into my blogging - albeit, in a somewhat reduced capacity, from here on out. Rather than attempting to operate and promote five blogs - as before - I will be reducing them by two, over the next month. However, this one will remain online; and will [in fact] gain a great deal of valuable and related material shortly thereafter.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Ben Bernanke: "The Rider Upon The Black Horse - Holding The Merchant's Scales"

A composed Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke
With the Congressional Midterm Elections coming up in just a few days, and our national economy once again increasingly contracting, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has announced that The Federal Reserve Banks are preparing to print a massive flood of new paper money. Meanwhile, this additional Fiat Currency would be utilized to purchase public and private debts - in a Keynesian policy euphemistically named: "Quantitative Easing." The idea is to effectually lower Long-Term Interest Rates and to spur Economic Growth - through Artificially Generated Market Liquidity... and as such, it is a historical economic measure of last resort!

With the entire balance of World Economic History standing against him, one might ask why Ben Bernanke is signaling such an ill-advised financial course? Doesn't he realize that every single nation - having traveled this path - has previously failed to navigate it? Of course, he does! Ben Bernanke is a very well-educated and carefully-calculating man. So, what is really going on? And, do we really want to know what it is?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Juan Williams Fired By National Public Radio - For Being: "Politically Incorrect"

NPR Journalist Juan Williams.
In a bold stroke for "Political Correctness" everywhere, National Public Radio fired their own highly experienced news analyst Juan Williams - for telling The Truth, and Sharing His Honest Concerns, regarding "Muslims Flying Upon Airplanes." Considering Mr. Juan Williams' extremely well-balanced and left of center views, one has to wonder what NPR can be possibly thinking! Nor, does the video footage in question support such a foolhardy position - on the part of anyone.

See the offending video, below, for yourself....

Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Cut And Paste" Video Footage Demonstrates The Power Of Internet

When I first started writing about the "New World Order Conspiracy," a person had to do a great deal of research in order to piece together this much damning evidence regarding it. Now, you can watch a ten minute video clip of self explanatory "Cut And Paste" News Footage - which outlines it in starkly real terms for everyone to understand! Why this sudden and dramatic change of circumstances? Because, as our leaders grow closer and more confidant in achieving it, they are becoming increasingly more reckless at artificially imposing Their Own Tyrannical Will against that of: "We The People." Moreover, as our citizenry invariably wakes up, they are increasingly utilizing The Internet as a valuable medium of Cross Informational Exchange.

The inevitable results are videos like this one:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

American Tobacco Industry Is Suffering A Rapid Decline

America's Largest Export, now going up in smoke?
It is interesting to note that, while the American Economy is sliding deeper into the Economic Abyss, America's largest domestic industry - single-handedly responsible for most of its few remaining exports - is being actively pursued and destroyed by our own State and Federal Governments. Of course, I am speaking of the American Tobacco Industry, which: employed nearly one in five Americans during its heyday, contributed vastly to America's untold economic wealth, and benefited thousands of other equally integrated and related American businesses. Regardless of how we may [honestly] feel about "The Habit Of Smoking," people have a right to their personal freedoms and a certain percentage of individuals will always continue to exercise them - even if they must grow their own!

First, came the Multi-Billion Dollar Lawsuits being levied against America's "Big Five Tobacco Manufacturers" - which doubled the wholesale costs of all American Made Cigarettes and made foreign cigarette manufacturing more economically viable and increasingly competitive. Let's face it, a five to seven dollar per carton pricing advantage isn't merely chump change on a ten to twelve dollar product - which is in tight international demand! Consequently, almost half of the nations on Earth are now enjoying their own Domestic Tobacco Industries. Nor, did it take very long, for them to enter: "The American Market," as well. Pricing has always been a very strong inducement for consumers - particularly for those of significantly expensive personal habits.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tobacco Users Are Wizening Up To Tobacco Tax Abuse

America's Second Class Citizens fight back.
As our National Economy worsens, an increasing number of cash strapped State Legislatures are looking toward: Cigarettes, Cigars, Dips, Snuffs, and other Tobacco Products as a means of continuing to fund their excessively overblown State budgets. After all, Tobacco Users are now an easily discriminated against minority - politically speaking - and there appears to be no real downside to those who would unfairly target them for Excessive and Abusive Taxation! But, is this truly the case? Are America's Smokers and other Tobacco Users just merely helpless sycophants, to be financially enslaved by their condescending and arrogant political brothers?  

Apparently Not... because, America's Second Class Citizens are now fighting back against this ever growing political tide - in numerous ways! While some are still driving to nearby "Lower Taxed States" to buy the legally maximum twelve cartons [every couple of months], and still others are buying them online from Non-Taxed Indian Reservations, a rapidly growing minority are now buying their Tobacco in bulk and rolling their own [at home]. From around $14.00 to $20.00 per pound of Bulk Tobacco, a person can make approximately 2.5 cartons of cigarettes - in very short order. While the unused Tobacco stays perfectly fresh in the fridgerator, almost indefinitely. After all, it already comes in a: Vacuum Sealed, Zipper Lock, and Stay Fresh Bag - from the local, or even online supplier.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Roots Of American Greatness Are Found In The Bible

America was foreordained for "Greatness...."
While many in America have [seemingly] forgotten, "The Roots Of Her Greatness" - over the intervening 234 years of our history - a few of us, yet, haven't. A previously fruitful garden - even when left largely untilled - shall [more often than not] generously bestow a small crop, scattered amidst all of its more numerous weeds. Although America may no longer be cultivated and seeded with the honest expectations for such a crop, "Real Americans" continue to spring upward from our blood drenched and highly enriched soil! They do so at God's clear behest, as an honest reminder to His covenanted and manifold blessings.

Even though America has never been a perfect nation, it has in times past: benevolently chosen, culturally embraced, and traditionally accepted far more lofty and idealistic principles; than any other nation upon this Earth! Nor, has this factual occurrence been by mere accident, or happenstance. Many of our Enlightened Forefathers were [in fact]: Spiritually Discerning, Collectively Obedient, and Individually Faithful... and the evidentiary paper trail - for this completely verifiable statement - is massively disclosed in our early Institutional and Political Documents.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Egberto Willies Asked For "A Simple Explanation" Upon Economics

Egberto Willies "Progressive" blogger.
Upon his blog, "Political Truths," Egberto Willies frequently makes amazingly inaccurate statements. Nor, do I say this, due to his [self perceived] Liberal-Progressive Agenda. Frankly, I don't care one iota what someone else honestly believes in - as long as it is founded upon their knowledge and understanding of "The Truth." You see, The Truth matters... far more, than [mere] Politics ever could. Political Parties will come and go... Great Nations will arise and fall... but, The Truth will always remain The Truth - no matter who more properly perceives it, for what it honestly and inescapably is!

Take, for instance, the following seemingly articulate quotation; only recently, gleaned from his "Political Truths" blog:
  • "You must wonder why when Supply Side economist are confronted with evidence day after day, month after month, why they still dig in to their theories. These theories have caused us to effect policies that have made this economic collapse worst. Under their theory interest rates should have been very high since last year while they are at record lows. Under their theory inflation should be at record highs while we are bordering on deflation as nobody has pricing powers. What we need is a simple explanation of these theories to the American middleclass so that we do not allow the Right (Supply Side) to make Keynesian Economic policies to be one of their boogey men like they’ve attempted to make Liberal a bad word. Just like all that is progressive and good in this country came about by Liberal thinking, Keynesian Economic Policies are the only solution to get us out of this depression in due time."

Just like, other economically uneducated and shallow thinking Americans - within our overall society - Egberto Willies doesn't really understand Economics at any fundamental level. Had he understood it, he couldn't have made such a blatantly preposterous and ill-informed statement! The Keynesian Economic Model - structured upon the writings of John Maynard Keynes - is a system whereby the naturally occurring Capitalistic Markets may be artificially manipulated - in order to obtain certain theorhetical economic results. It is neither: "Liberal," nor "Conservative," by any definition of the terms... and can only be labeled "Progressive," under certain stabilized economic conditions - where other equally important factors are already within prescribed circumstantial tolerances.

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