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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Proverbs: That Should Never Have Been Forgotten

Yahweh's Proverbs: a valuable book for today....
Although it is no longer "Politically Correct" to say so, The Proverbs contain a tremendous amount of "True Wisdom..." and modern day America would benefit greatly, through honestly acknowledging it! Therefore, in light of this fact, I have decided to post a few of them which bear direct and significant relevance upon Our Current Political Dilemmas. After all, Real American Truth lies ultimately wherever you find it... and sometimes, we can all use a reminder.

Just Consider, The Following Proverbs: 

"Wealth gained by dishonesty will be diminished, But he who gathers by labor will increase." - Proverbs 13:11.

Our World History has continually proven the inherent value - within this remarkably simple statement. The Truth is that: Marxism, Communism, Socialism, and Social-Fascism are all based upon taking one persons property and then simply handing it to someone else. They didn't [actually] earn it... they don't [honestly] value it... and they aren't [properly] entitled to it, by any human measure of the term. Consequently, it is quite rapidly squandered, rather than being re-invested into an even more productive endeavor.

Nor, contrary to popular belief, does "Robbery" [either: lawful, or otherwise] factually equate to "Charity." The differences between the two couldn't be any further in contrasting towards one another.

For instance:

  • Charity is the result of a voluntary human action, or gift.
  • It is usually of a Very Limited or Temporary Nature; and consequently inspires a certain amount of motivation within the recipient.
  • Since Force [Exaction] and/or The Threat Of Force [Extortion] are never employed, such altruistic benefactors themselves may receive a significant and spiritually derived benefit - which they could otherwise not honestly obtain.
  • Thus, Charity is always beneficial to both parties involved, while Robbery is disproportionately destructive to the entire surrounding society!

Since Socialized Robbery is viewed as a: Lawful, Acceptable, and Normative Entitlement - which is essentially guaranteed by the State - there is no apparent motivation for getting off of The Public Dole... Since it further erodes the necessary Financial Resources of those who are generating all of the nation's wealth, it creates additional levels of Substantial Drag upon its overall domestic economy... And since this increasing economic burden must be offset through some form of cost cutting, The Economically Destructive Cycle essentially feeds back upon itself recursively. Thus, a dishonest nation's wealth is then effectively consumed through its own ongoing social wickedness!
Whereas a nation, which holds Personal Property in very high esteem, will never suffer from such Politically Contrived Economic Imbalances - since the actual wealth producers can more accurately gauge their own honest abilities toward "Socially Beneficial Charity" and since those receiving it more fully understand the precarious nature of it - within a highly dynamic and genuinely productive environment!


"A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children, But the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous." - Proverbs 13:22.

Nations, and the people who build them, will often borrow capital [in the short term] in order to more properly fund their personal endeavors. Usually, this serves some Highly Productive Service, which offers an eventual and personal payoff, that leaves them somewhat richer - for having [legitimately] done so. Consequently, Several Generations in one family may largely benefit from The Wisdom Of Its Elders... and this, is as it should be! For, whether we realize it or not, we all possess a Generational Responsibility toward those coming afterward....

However: Selfish, Hedonistic, or Narcissistic Individuals consider only their own personal circumstances - without any real or apparent concern for others... thus, they will continually act accordingly - throughout their own lives! Consequently, we see their cumulative actions displayed in numerous Socially Negative Ways.

For Instance:
  • Tremendous Financial Indebtedness left behind them: Personally, Corporately, and Politically.
  • A Socially Stratified Society due to the [considerably] lopsided Allocation and Distribution Of Wealth.
  • Failing National Infrastructure resultant from: Short Term Thinking, Resource Depletion, and Improper Investment.
  • Massive Levels Of Social Unrest generated by their past: Social, Economic, and Political Manipulations

In the end, however, such Blatant Political Excesses always lead inescapably towards Economic and Social Collapse - at some point in the future - due to the increasing instability of such thoroughly weakened power structures. Although [frequently] quite destructive overall, the resultant periods of Political Anarchy effectively redistribute the nation's wealth and serve as political inducements for Wiser and More-Beneficial Future Behavior.


"Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, But a good word makes it glad." - Proverbs 12:25.

While Americans consume more "Depression Medication" than any other contemporary nation, these drugs are only necessary because we have forgotten the more obvious benefits of: Freedom, Self-Reliance, and Hard Work!

For Instance:
  • When others are allowed to exercise Undue Political Control over our lives, it generates an increasing level of: Frustration, Anger, and Resentment - which is entirely unnecessary and spiritually destructive to our individual well-being.
  • As we are Increasingly Reliant Upon Others, we soon become: Less Self-Assured, Increasingly Nervous, Tremendously Fearful, and Greatly Depressed.
  • Meanwhile, The Idleness Of Both: Body and Mind, only serve to heighten our ongoing problems by forcing us to dwell upon them and preventing the actual Deep Sleep that we [substantially] need - which comes only from doing Hard Work.

These are the "True Causes" for most of our unrelenting anxieties! Men were not designed to be treated like cattle. We are: Extremely Complex, Highly Rational, and Self-Governed Intelligent Beings, which require reasoning, compassion, and respect. Meanwhile, those nations that have more fully understood this God-Given Principle have been largely successful - while those who don't, have continually languished throughout our entire world history.

And yet, there is a tremendous healing value found within a good word from above. It is said, that: "Hope Springs Eternal" and it's quite literally true. When our leaders will relent from the evils that they have done us... when they talk of [honestly] changing their ways... and when they speak of all the good and right things, that the heart soaringly needs to hear.... Then, and only then, our most oppressive anxieties will perish from being among us! But then again, words alone do not denote such a real and effective change. In the end, "That which is sweet to the taste, can [truthfully] fill one's stomach with gravel."

Amazingly, If America were [merely] capable of Truly Understanding these Three Simple Proverbs and once again applying them within our nation, then the majority of our problems could be quickly overcome. And yet, one can only imagine The Tremendous Effect of sincerely understanding and then faithfully applying all of them! Our own ancestors did so, far from perfectly, and [yet] still built: "The Greatest Economic Engine On Earth...." it was only our own Utter Heightened Wickedness, which eventually destroyed it.

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  1. Great reminder for all of us especially for those in Congress and "running" this country right now!

    God bless America as we stand on His Word!


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