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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hyperinflation and the Soon Coming Economic Collapse

"New Uses" for The Dollar #217?
For a very long time, I have been warning my readership about the inevitable certainty of A Worldwide Hyper-Inflationary Event. Precisely, how many nations shall be effectively involved and how many currencies shall ultimately fail is impossible to safely predict. However, The United States Dollar will most certainly be one of them and The Euro is definitely in very deep trouble. The truth is that very few international currencies are honestly stable and many of them are now racing into their own destructive oblivion.

While I believe that the underlying causes are [quite-honestly] intentional, on the part of The World's Governmental Policymakers and Central Bankers, my historical analysis doesn't require this to be case. Even, if it's being caused: "By the greatest single series of political blunders ever historically recorded" - which, at this point, is even less likely than A Conspiracy - it is now factually happening! I can assure you this, with an absolute and unshakable certainty.

While most: Politicians, Bankers, and Economists are now carefully selecting their words in order to assuage your deeply-seated political fears, I have been consistently warning my avid readership to prepare for "The Worst Case Scenario" - in every reasonable way possible. I have not done this to scare you, but merely to inform... and I take no pleasure in seeing my own glorious nation crumbling before my own eyes; nor that of my children and grandchildren. Nor, have I done so in order to achieve some form of nebulous human profit. With the time growing short, I much prefer My Own Treasure to be safely in heaven!

In the meantime, I have pored over a great deal of Informational Material regarding this looming: Financial, Economic, and Currency Crisis. While much of it is quite good and highly useful to the well-educated and highly informed individual, most of it falls short in the area of simple and easy to understand explanation. Recently, however, that changed! Because, I stumbled across a particular link on someone else's blog site. That's right, folks, there are numerous other bloggers [honestly] attempting to warn you of what will soon be coming upon us... I'm certainly not alone, in this endeavor.

The Blog In Question: "Baby Boomers Blueprint" - written by Janet Giacoma - is more of an informational clearinghouse than a topically oriented blog. But, it does have a variety of Useful Categories and Links. This particular link was at the end of an article entitled: "Wealth and the Cycles of Currencies." Bear in mind, that the video is actually a production of Stansberry & Associates Investment Research; and it offers a sales pitch, at the end, for their own particular investment products. I am not endorsing them, or their products, in any way. Mainly, because I don't [personally] know them, or anything about their products.

But, that isn't what's honestly important. What's important is the One Hour Long Video, which explains what is now factually occurring. The Explanation is: Clear, Concise, and Highly-Insightful! [Nor, am I, in any way, being compensated for providing you this very informative link.] Please, take the time to check it out. It won't cost you anything, other than your time... and it may provide the much-needed information to provide you a little security in the upcoming Worldwide, Financial, and Currency Crisis.

***Note: There is a warning given before the video, since this is a very scary and even unthinkable topic to honestly consider. However, the contents are [decidedly] PG in every other way. Let me know what you think, after viewing this video....

The Stansberry & Associates Video

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