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Friday, January 14, 2011

Constitutional Questions: The Highest Jurisdictional Authority

The U.S. Supreme Court in Washington D.C.
Seeing as how we are now living within an "Unconstitutional Police State," with dozens of relatively-new Law Enforcement Agencies, I thought that I might actually discuss the various jurisdictional authorities under the law. Why, you may ask? Because: "When the BS hits the fan" - it may be important to clearly understand who the real jurisdictional authorities actually are... and very few Americans are knowledgeable in this very important area! Just consider, the following question....


According to the United States Constitution, what civilian Law Enforcement Agency holds the highest jurisdictional authority in our land?

Consider, The Three Following Choices:
  1. The Federal Bureau Of Investigation?
  2. The Dept. Of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms?
  3. Or, The Local County Sheriff's Office?

The answer to this question may [factually] surprise you... because, it's The Local County Sheriff's Office! Not only are the first two choices of a lower jurisdictional authority, under the laws of our land, but they are also Non-Constitutional Institutions - which openly flaunt Illegal Federal Intervention into that which is [solely] A State Held Jurisdictional Authority.

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Originally, the FBI and BATF weren't even considered Law Enforcement Agencies, as such... they were merely created to assist "The Lawful State Authorities" in their own investigation and prosecution of crimes! By serving as a Useful and Cooperative Framework between the various Jurisdiction Holding States, these agencies were able to provide Informational and Logistical Assets which the States themselves couldn't readily provide one another - in the absence of "Regionally Negotiated Legal Compacts."

However, by operating under such Stringent and Constitutional Rules, the various States retained a true level of Sovereign Autonomy that would not allow for a future Federal Takeover - under "Marshall Law." Consequently, our Federal Government has slowly and increasingly broadened their [supposed] Jurisdictional Authorities - by additional Statutory Legislation - over a very long period of time... and this is where "The Real Problem" began....

Contrary to the opinions of many, United States Constitutional Law cannot be overridden by simple Statutory Legislation - even if the voting were entirely unanimous. Constitutional Changes can only be made by adhering to the properly established process of An Amendment. Meanwhile, the constitution has never been amended - to allow for any Federal Law Enforcement Agency - to operate, or [even] factually coexist, within what are essentially State Law Enforcement Jurisdictions!

Why not? Because Most Americans, if given a real choice, wouldn't authorize any such Federal Authorities or Powers! While our Nine Supreme Court Justices may be easily persuaded into the acceptance of such radical and new Federal Powers, The Average American Voter isn't so easy to convince and is physically impossible to replace. Moreover, The Bar For A Constitutional Amendment is so exceedingly high, that even relatively minor political issues can require decades to achieve under this [seemingly] sedentary process. Thus, it is far more expedient to pass "Un-Constitutional Laws" and attempt to defend them in the courts, than to "Amend The Constitution Lawfully" in the first place.

Meanwhile, The State Sheriff's Associations and their numerous political counterparts find themselves coming increasingly under fire from a large number of well-funded Federal Agencies that lay claim to certain "National Jurisdictional Authorities" - which have never factually existed - under American Constitutional Law! While this may seem a rather trivial matter, at the moment, it will [one day soon] prove highly-important to the average American citizen. In the meantime, befriend and support your Local Sheriff - he may just be the best friend that you've ever made!

Of course, there are lots of very good reasons to fully support your local Sheriff's Office and the frequently underpaid county officials who laboriously work there. For instance:
  • Your political support strengthens The United States Constitution in numerous other related areas as well. Particularly, when it comes to your own Individual Freedoms and Human Rights.
  • The Local Sheriff is Directly Elected by the people whom he serves and owes his Political Loyalties and Allegiances only to them. The same can't be said of any Federally Appointed Bureaucrat from Washington, D.C..
  • Sheriff's Deputies are Members Of The Community that they serve. They are our: Family Members, Friends, Associates, and Neighbors. At their best, they represent: "Law Being Tempered By Mercy..." while at their worst, they are only indicative of: "The Well-Known Factors Of Disorder Already Among Us."

At a time when our nation grows increasingly Tyrannical and Politically Unstable, America needs its Local Champions Of Justice And Freedom - to stand boldly in the breaches of her ever-weakening Constitutional Walls. While those at the top of her Numerous Bureaucracies have clearly forgotten whom they effectively serve, The Local Sheriff is still one of us... and "We The People" must continue to fully support and publicly encourage him! Otherwise, we'll soon be standing alone... and this, is "The Real American Truth" for today....

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