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Monday, January 30, 2012

Nancy Pelosi says that, There Will Be No Republican Convention!

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.
I am never surprised anymore, by how exceptionally bad The Mainstream Media has become at factually uncovering The Real News. One can only presume that, by this particular point, they haven't factually reported any: " Actual News " - in so long, that they've forgotten how to honestly do it... and, such is the case, with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's Recent Political Remarks upon Cable News Network!

In one of the most interesting turn of political events recently, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was asked about: The 2012 Presidential Election and Newt Gingrich's Own Political Chances. Meanwhile, The Response That She Gave was both: Very Cryptic and Highly Revealing! In fact, it has fueled a tremendous amount of Political Speculation into precisely what she herself knows. Sadly, however, it has been: " Spun Harmlessly Off Into Space " - by The Currently Fraudulent Mainstream Media.

Just take the time to watch The Following 41 Second Video Clip of: " Nancy Pelosi's Actual Interview "... and, Pay Special Attention to her: Exact Wording and Facial Expressions. Then we'll honestly discuss her own Highly Interesting Dialog....

America In Prophecy

I Know Something - by: Nancy Pelosi

There's Something I Know 
- A Dialog Between: Nancy Pelosi And CNN.

CNN News [ Question ]:
" Because of your history, with speaker Gingrich, what goes through your mind when you think about the possibility... which is more real today, than it was: A Week, or [ even ] A Month Ago - that he would be The Republican Nominee; and that you could come back here Next January, or Next February with A President Gingrich? "
Nancy Pelosi [ Response ]:
" Well let me just say this: [ Holding Back Her Own Joy ] ' That Will Never Happen! ' "
CNN News [ Question ]:
" Why? "
Nancy Pelosi [ Response ]:
 He's Not Going To Be President Of The United States! [ Grinning Ear To Ear ] That's not going to happen... let, let me just make my prediction; and stand by it; it isn't going to happen. [ Quite Happy With Herself ]
CNN News [ Question ]:
" Why are you so sure? "
Nancy Pelosi [ Response ]:
" [ Shaking Head Side To Side, As If Talking To An Ignorant Child ] There's Something I Know.... [ An: I've Got A Secret, Snicker, Snicker - Pause ] The Republicans, if they choose to nominate him [ At The Republican National Convention - On August 12th ], that's their prerogative... I Don't Even Think, That's Going To Happen.... "

While The CNN Interviewer [ and every other subsequent reporter ] has drawn your own attention away from Nancy Pelosi's Actual Statement - by spinning it to mean something else entirely - I don't work for: The Pope, The Bilderbergers, or [ even ] The Rockefellers... my own interest, lies more in ' The Truth ' - wherever it might be found. Consequently, I would draw your attention to: " Exactly What She Did Say ". She said: ' There Will Be No Republican Convention '!

Pelosi's Actual Words:
" The Republicans, if they choose to nominate him [ Meaning, Speaker Newt Gingrich - at The Republican Convention - on August 12th, in Florida ], that's their prerogative... [ Why would I honestly care, who they actually nominate? ] I Don't Even Think [ In my own Insider Position ], That [ Meaning, The Republican Convention - slated for August 12th, 2012 ] Is Going To Happen [ After all, something is going to prevent it ].... "

Isn't that, what she actually said? You, honestly, tell me.... Just, Watch That Video Again... and again... and again... if honestly necessary. Watch it - until it factually sinks in - however, long that it takes! And then, Why Not Visit: " America In Prophecy " - for, An Even More Detailed Explanation... because, this is Biblical Prophecy - currently unfolding - right in front of your own eyes....

{ *** NOTE: There is only one thing, that could conceivably prevent A Republican National Convention, folks... Federal Martial Law! Now, that's reporting.... *** }


  1. I think she was still commenting on Gingrich's not being President. The only thing that gives me pause is her statement that she "knows something". That IS worrying!

  2. Thanks for finally writing about > "Nancy Pelosi says that, There Will Be No Republican Convention!" < Liked it!

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