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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Modern Political Doublespeak is just a page out of 1984, by George Orwell.

1984, by George Orwell.
For most middle aged Americans, ' The Novel  1984 ' - written by George Orwell - probably rings a bell. After all, it should... it was upon most: " Required Reading Lists For College " - back when such seemingly archaic things still existed. Isn't it amazing, how much our nation has changed? Meanwhile, here in 2011, ' The Premises Of 1984 ' have come to pass figuratively, if not literally. Our World is now being divided up into those continental unions... Our Education Systems and National Languages have been politically co-opted and corrupted... and The Majority Of Our Citizens are being manipulated by: " Political Doublespeak "; rather than, led through personal conviction!

One of the major concepts, put forward by 1984, was that by constantly redefining our language in a highly specific and narrowly focused manner... The True Meanings of certain: " Objectionable Words " could be: easily hidden, subtly altered, totally eliminated, and/or even functionally reversed. That Politically Sensitive and  Troublesome Words - such as: Freedom, Equality, and Brotherhood - might not stand in the way of ' The True Social Progress '; wherein The Ruling Elite can operate, far, more freely. Consequently, it was George Orwell who coined the term: " Doublespeak " - in deference to this ongoing process.

While great visionaries - like George Orwell - might seem to be prophets, to the rest of us, they have merely observed the world around them and accurately extrapolated: Our Social Trends, The Inevitable Results, and Who Is Logically Behind Them. The basis for everything is: " Cause And Effect ". Everything that happens, in the world of man, serves some sort of purpose; and someone, somewhere, derives a true benefit! Case in point, Our Educational System... our politicians get what they pay for, if our public schools are failing, then that's what they're paying for....

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Impending American Debt Default is coming faster, than even I expected.

Advertising poster for World War I Liberty BondsImage via Wikipedia
 Another Worthless Paper.
While, I must admit, that I didn't expect it until in the Spring of 2012 - for various Biblical and Historical Reasons - I am becoming increasingly certain, that The United States Government will actually default on its Publicly Held Debts in August. For one thing, they are being exceptionally vocal in stating that it won't happen any time soon... something, which all governments approaching An Imminent Financial Default are highly-noted for! For another, both sides are pouring out The Political Propaganda to invariably blame the other side - when it eventually happens... a typical political maneuver - immediately prior to such historical instances.

I'm not saying this to scare anybody; but only a fool would ignore such obvious signs of Financial Distress. In fact, you can be absolutely certain that The Economic Sharks around the world are circling with glee; since they can smell blood in the water many years in advance! If you haven't already prepared for this outcome, then I would advise you to start moving very quickly. The dominoes of world history are set up over long expanses of time; but when they finally begin to fall, it only takes a couple days to drop.

For those who think that America can't [ or won't ever ] Default On Its Debts, I offer you some highly valuable and historical references from our past - researched, written, and provided by Larry Edelson at Uncommon Wisdom.
{ ***NOTE: Among other online information sources, I have long been a subscriber to ' The Uncommon Wisdom Daily Newsletter '. It is a highly accurate and excellent information resource, that costs absolutely nothing to subscribe to... and I would gladly recommend it to anyone with the common sense necessary to read it. }

Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 4th, 2011: The Last American Independence Day.

United States President Barack Obama signs int...Image via Wikipedia
Everything must come to an end... and: " The Grand American Experiment " - is no different from anything else. For over a century, her ever fewer: Historians, Wise Men, and Prophets have warned of the inescapable results of certain ill-advised political policies... and yet, no-one truly listened. In their Exceptional Pride and Unwarranted Arrogance, the American people and their leaders have ignored every call towards the promotion of: Morality, Ethics, and Reason! While I take no pleasure in saying it, This July 4th will be America's Last Independence Day Celebration - as, A Fully Intact and Sovereign Nation.

This not to say, or even imply, that The United States of America will cease to exist in 2012! It will [ most certainly ] still be here for at least four more years... however, Yet Another Civil War amongst her supremely nationalistic confederacy will begin in: " The Summer " Of 2012; and The U.S. Presidential Election will be canceled - for The Fall. Consequently, Barack H. Obama will go down in world history as: " The Very Last United States President. "

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