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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hyperinflation and the Soon Coming Economic Collapse

"New Uses" for The Dollar #217?
For a very long time, I have been warning my readership about the inevitable certainty of A Worldwide Hyper-Inflationary Event. Precisely, how many nations shall be effectively involved and how many currencies shall ultimately fail is impossible to safely predict. However, The United States Dollar will most certainly be one of them and The Euro is definitely in very deep trouble. The truth is that very few international currencies are honestly stable and many of them are now racing into their own destructive oblivion.

While I believe that the underlying causes are [quite-honestly] intentional, on the part of The World's Governmental Policymakers and Central Bankers, my historical analysis doesn't require this to be case. Even, if it's being caused: "By the greatest single series of political blunders ever historically recorded" - which, at this point, is even less likely than A Conspiracy - it is now factually happening! I can assure you this, with an absolute and unshakable certainty.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Constitutional Questions: The Highest Jurisdictional Authority

The U.S. Supreme Court in Washington D.C.
Seeing as how we are now living within an "Unconstitutional Police State," with dozens of relatively-new Law Enforcement Agencies, I thought that I might actually discuss the various jurisdictional authorities under the law. Why, you may ask? Because: "When the BS hits the fan" - it may be important to clearly understand who the real jurisdictional authorities actually are... and very few Americans are knowledgeable in this very important area! Just consider, the following question....


According to the United States Constitution, what civilian Law Enforcement Agency holds the highest jurisdictional authority in our land?

Consider, The Three Following Choices:
  1. The Federal Bureau Of Investigation?
  2. The Dept. Of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms?
  3. Or, The Local County Sheriff's Office?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Proverbs: That Should Never Have Been Forgotten

Yahweh's Proverbs: a valuable book for today....
Although it is no longer "Politically Correct" to say so, The Proverbs contain a tremendous amount of "True Wisdom..." and modern day America would benefit greatly, through honestly acknowledging it! Therefore, in light of this fact, I have decided to post a few of them which bear direct and significant relevance upon Our Current Political Dilemmas. After all, Real American Truth lies ultimately wherever you find it... and sometimes, we can all use a reminder.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Strange Comments On Real American Truth Blogsite

Occasionally, I receive some: Curious, Interesting, and Outright Strange Comments upon the articles which I have posted. Usually, if they're irrelevant to the article in question, I'll [quite honestly] delete them. And yet, sometimes they are so far outside of the box, that I simply must publish them! Read, an example, for yourself. I recently received this very strange posting in the comments section of: "Ron Paul Makes Some Very Good Points About Wikileaks - On CSPAN."

***Note: Nothing has been changed, other than the text color... and that, only, for ease of readability.

Tom Hedkvist, 10-gruppen said...
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